Define job Showstoppers-

  • List accomplishments in each job that relate to the position you seek. Note that you built new skills in each job. Say that you’re a person who contributes value wherever you go.
  • Give acceptable, verifiable reasons why you changed jobs so frequently — project-oriented work, downsizing, dead-end positions, company sold out, or department shut down.
  • SmartResume  recommendations – ‘Say that you’ve become more selective lately, and you hadn’t been able to find the right job until this opportunity came along; explain your employment travels as a quest for a fulfilling job.’
  • If this move is a career change for you, show how your experience and skills support this change and how the position fits your revised career goals.
  • If your positions were for temporary agencies, cluster the jobs by responsibility and recast them as evidence of your use of cross-functional skills in many situations.
  • Ask whether this is regular-status employment. If so, admit you’ve lacked some commitment in the past, but now you’re ready to settle down with a good company, such as this one. If not, say a temporary job is just what you have in mind to keep your skills refreshed with experiences gained at various companies.


  • SmartResume suggests that complain about what was wrong with each of your ex-employers that made you quit. Say you didn’t want to waste your time working for dysfunctional people and organizations.
  • Show a lack of focus — you just couldn’t get into your jobs.
  • Say you’re looking for something that pays more.