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Europass CV

Europass Resume 2022

What is EuroPass Resume? Europass is a European Union (Directorate General for Education and Culture) directive and initiative to increase transparency of candidate qualification for higher mobility within Europe.It aims to make any candidate skills and qualifications to be clearly understood throughout Europe (including the European Union, European Economic Area and EU candidate countries) by all European countries in a …

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Top Resume Mistakes

Top 8 Resume Mistakes 2021

1. Using the same Resume For Multiple Job ApplicationsIt commonly happens that thanks to lack of your time or complexity, people are sending an equivalent version of their resume to multiple job openings, which require different skills or knowledge or are in various industries. Even when the businesses are within the same industry, their culture and wishes might differ. Therefore, …

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Best 5 Job Search Tips of 2021

Some handy tips will help the Job seeker to find Jobs faster. Do not blindly copy Paste the resume templates that you find online.  Customise as per your requirement. Update Your online profile : Facebook is a social Media Platform and LinkedIn is the Professional Platform  remove your negative activities from social & professional Platform as you may lose the …

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