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Smart Resume Services

Sl No.Year of Experience Textual ResumePictorial ResumeInfo graphic ResumeInternational ResumeLinkedIn ResumeCovering LetterDigital Resume
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21 to <21900290034003400170060010000
32 to <32000300035003500170060010000
43 to <42100310036003600170060010000
54 to <52200320037003700170060010000
65 to <62300330038003800170060010000
76 to <72400340039003900170060010000
87 to <82500350040004000170060010000
98 to <92600360041004100170060010000
109 to <102700370042004200170060010000
1110 to <112800380043004300170060010000
1211 to <122900390044004400170060010000
1312 to <133000400045004500170060010000
1413 to <143100410046004600170060010000
1514 to <153200420047004700230080010000
1615 to <163300430048004800230080010000
1716 to <173400440049004900230080010000
1817 to <183500450050005000230080010000
1918 to <193600460051005100230080010000
2019 to <203700470052005200230080010000
2120 to <213800480053005300230080010000
2221 to <223900490054005400230080010000
2322 to <234000500055005500230080010000
2423 to <244100510056005600230080010000
2524 to <254200520057005700230080010000
2625 +4300530058005800230080010000

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you have professional Resume?

We are into the business of Recruitment and resume writing hence have knowledge and use the right Industry keywordsin your resume to make your resume to more likely pass through the Applicant Tracking System(ATS).

Our CV writers don't just score your CV against a set of areas such as structure, formatting and presentation; they review the content and make sure you are selling your skills, experience and achievements in the best possible way, so you land your dream job.

What is the Resume Delivery time?

The standard TAT for all the services in 7 working days. However, If you avail Express Services, you will receive the first Draft in 2 working days and for super express service, first draft is shared within 24 hrs.

Is there any limit to which we can get the corrections/updations done?
Yes, once you receive the 1st draft of the resume, you can get the iterations done for 1 month including Saturdays.
What are the various means to communicate with the writer?

You can contact the writer anytime between 10 to 7 PM ( Monday to Saturday) to discuss about your Service. You can also communicate through mails which will be addressed within 24 hrs.

Why Choose Us

  • Professional Writers
    We have an enlightened team of experts who carry functional area knowledge in your domains.
  • On-time Delivery
    We guarantee 100% on-time delivery of our services within the agreed timeline
  • Active Customer Support
    We ensure that you get a resolution within 24 working hours of receiving your query.
  • Direct Contact with your writer
    We ensure that you can connect with the writer easily at your own ease.