Tired of CV writing? check out TRIED and TESTED Free Resume Writing Tips

  • Choose the right resume format that fits your career goals. What goes where in a resume isn’t a one-size fits-all consideration.
  • Get your points across in your new resume with POWER VERBS. Make your strengths stronger by describing them in vibrant language that stands tall.
  • Use resume design techniques effectively. Big chunks of text cause boredom and shows lack of resume design aesthetics. Present your information in a way that enables reading flow, instead of inhibiting them.
  • Overcome hurdles. Getting attention from potential employers is harder in certain situations. Therefore, if you’re just getting out of university or college, for example, you have to overcome some less-than-ideal perceptions.
  • Send your resume off to job market battle by leading with strength: Feature your most impressive career

  • accomplishments and honors at the top of page one, not tucked in as afterthoughts on page two.
  • Use technologies to facilitate job search, increase your visibility in social networks, and pinpoint employment targets with professional online profiles to get jobs quicker.

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