Reflecting the shape of job search now and job search to come, social networking dominates Internet use. At a half-billion strong, Facebook alone claims 54 percent of the world’s Internet population as visitors. Social networking doesn’t appear to be a fad but an honest-togoodness paradigm shift in the way people do business on the globe, including the business of finding employment.

Begin now to think about how to harness this new power that offers a double rainbow of job-search help — from direct access to hiring managers and quick identification of potential allies at prospective employers, to easy look-ups on company profiles and obtaining posted endorsements from your network. Just to keep it interesting, different services offer different features. 

 Showing the world how hirable you are-  By filling out profiles and listing your credentials, you advertise your potential or immediate availability on an “e-billboard” that helps recruiters and employers find you.

 Gathering supporters to hold open doors- When you collect, connect, and network with friendly contacts, you gain a potential source of referrals, get updates on their employers’ hiring modes, receive insider fill-ins on company culture, and uncover other useful information.

Start building your resume, job search process from now on, in the social media platform. SmartResume recommends book a domain ,  clean up your Facebook page, upload video resumes, maintain quality posts to attract potential job hunters on annual plans.