In the first instance, try to develop a #Master Resume that has ‘EVERYTHING’ in it. So if you are a fresher student, then include all industry internships, jobs (part-time & full time), experiences (in terms of achievement in that sector), mention your association with student organizations, association with any professional organizations, mention your class projects (and continue to add to it over time) and your role.

• Use this ‘Master Resume’ to develop varied targeted resumes against the advertised internships or jobs that you are targeting

• By preparing this ‘Master Resume’, as a student (fresher) it is easy to align your CV tone to suit specific advertised job descriptions.

One-page Resume is ideal, keep it crisp to the point (see below under Tricks to fit it on one page!)

Tailor/Target Your Resume to align internship with future job goals.

• ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT CV Content is MORE important than design

• Only include in your resume what is RELEVANT in that advertised position

• Easy to Read, shorter the better as your resume gets less than 10 second scan by human eyes, and the fraction of a second while processed through ‘automated Resume filtering software’ that scans for keywords.