List of Powerverbs that you can use for your resume:-

Achieved, Capitalized, Deciphered, Discerned, Drove, Enacted, Endeavored, Established, Exceeded, Sharpened, Shattered, Sparked, Spearheaded, Steered, Stimulated, Supervised, Surpassed, Accelerated, Accomplished, Analyzed, Assembled, Built, Founded, Created, Constructed, Delivered, Developed, Executed, Expanded, Finalized, Guided, Handled, Headed, Improved, Increased, Initiated, Implemented, Instituted, Produced, Reached, Simplified, Volunteered

For communication skills:

Collaborated, Conveyed, Enlivened, Instructed, Performed, Presented, Spoke, Trained.

For creative skills:

Authored, Brainstormed, Briefed, Communicated, Conceptualized, Curated, Derived, Designed, Drafted, Edited, Illustrated, Imagined, Influenced, Intensified, Modeled, Proofread, Published, Researched, Strategized, Storyboarded, Translated, Visualized, Wrote,

For sales Skills:

Captured, Conserved, Converted, Earned, Generated, Maximized, Negotiated, Won.

For management skills:

Arranged, Augmented, Centralized, Championed, Differentiated, Directed, Empowered, Endorsed, Enforced, Ensured, Forecasted, Fostered, Identified
Integrated, Leveraged, Reconciled, Reduced, Replaced, Resolved, Orchestrated, Optimized, Predicted, Renovated

For financial skills:

Audited, Classified, Collected, Equalized, Dispensed, Halted, Investigated, Lowered, Maintained, Minimized, Recognized, Secured.

For technical skills:

Advanced, Architected, Automated, Coded, Deployed, Detected, Devised, Diagnosed, Discovered, Formulated, Installed, Launched, Networked, Planned, Programmed, Rewrote, Refined, Tested, Troubleshoot, Upgraded