Employers may rush to judgment when they find gaps in your job history. SmartResume research wing has found that if your job history has as many gaps as a hockey player’s smile, try to find growth experiences (self-directed study or education by travel).

 Employment gap is a resume killer.

If you must blame your jobless patches on sick leave, emphasize that you have fully recovered and you are in excellent health. Again if there are personal problems in life which has caused the job to be hit (ill parent or sickchild,divorce case), follow up with facts that indicate the personal problems are history right now.

When your record is spotty beyond belief, try to get on with a temporary job first at lower pay, and then prove by your work record. This is a credible step, that you’ve turned over a new leaf/chapter in your life, may be in new or same industry sector.

Sometimes the gaps in your work record are of recent vintage — for example SmartResume has found in surveys that candidates are looking for employment without success for a very long time.

In current periods of unemployment during COVID19, your posture is your commitment, expressed through a newly drafted CV. NOW, you throw yourself heart and soul into your work, prove it through actions, and you want to be very sure to find a good fit to the company you join. However, you have to explain, your waiting period as a quest for a fulfilling job.

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