FOCUS on Researching the requirements of the advertised job:

Over the years, we have found that most of the resume/CVs get rejected when you are falling short of recruiters’ expectation sets. Hence this tip, of focussing on research to understand the right requirements of a job description solves this CV rejection rate. If you’re responding to a specific advertised job that has appeared online/offline, jot down the requirements listed in the job advert.

Our RULE is that, if you really want an edge over other job applicants, then you can call the company’s human resources department and ask for the position description (any additional). There is a document the company HR uses to evaluate candidate qualifications for the advertised opening. If you can understand job profile and develop capabilities to evaluate job description against your present competencies, then you are sure win the job. Chances are that, reluctance by HR to provide you with the position description, so you can ask for a copy with any proprietary information (including salary range) CTC, or ask them key deliverables in the job task.  Switch back go your core CV, then address all job requirements in the current vacancy, align your CV custom rewrite and you can WIN.