A resume that is crafted as per the latest industry-standard, having handpicked keywords, “Power Verbs” nicely embedded in the resume. This type of resume is made in Black & white or Gray format. This format was very popular 10 years back but with age, people started making CVs more colorful and attractive to stand out from the crowd hence “Pictorial Resume “was born.

 If you are looking for the latest resume then suggest going for Pictorial Resume” or ” Infographic Resume ” if you want to be more creative….

Features of Professional Resume:-

1. Crafted as per the latest industry standard.

2.Written in simple English in bullet points

3. Delivered in unlocked word format so that you can edit any number of times later on. 

4. Necessary Power Verbs & Key Skill incorporated.

5. Application Tracking Software (ATS ) and Job Portal enabled Resume.

6. Delivered in Word & PDF format

7. Used the latest & best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Technology in the resume, in short, it helps your CV to crawl up in the Search result in the Job Portal. 

8. The resume is crafted by international certified resume writers.

9. All Resumes are completed in 7 working days.

Europass Resume Format: A Europass CV is the most important step in the job search process in the member states of the European Union. Europass Resume is a two column resume. Please find the official site of Europass resume

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  • International Resume
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